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The Farmhouse – Montgomery Wedding Photographer

Montgomery Wedding Photographer
The Farmhouse

If you live around the Houston area, you have probably heard of the newest wedding venue in Montgomery called The Farmhouse. You may have even seen it on Facebook. Either way, I promise that it is a must see! As a Montgomery wedding photographer, this new venue is so dreamy. It is a gorgeous location full of light the perfect ceremony and reception location around this part of Texas! This place is truly every wedding vendors dream come true.

As a Houston and Montgomery wedding photographer, I have visited many wedding venues. I always enjoy seeing what else is out there and seeing the new venues that our beautiful city has to offer us.

The True Beauty Of Wedding Photography

One of the beautiful things about wedding photography is that it helps tell the story of your wedding day. There is true beauty in every wedding and how it is captured. And I love capturing every detail at a wedding. My passion for photography truly shows at the wedding I’m at.

Capturing a wedding is where I truly find joy. Telling your wedding story is as important to me as it is to you. I desire to get the details that you will want to display in your home and show your friends and family for years to come.

Shooting at a new venue like The Farmhouse, seeing the beauty of this place and all of the details really fueled me. I absolutely loved being there and I know you will, too.

Is It Your Turn?

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Houston Engagement Photography – Jessi Marri Photography

Houston Engagement Photography
Jessi Marri Photography

Proposals happen all the time in the Houston area. As the go-to Houston engagement photography company, we absolutely love spending time with our couples and creating great engagement photos!

“I’m Engaged! What’s Next?”

Congratulations! After your proposal takes place, one of the next steps is to find your perfect Houston engagement photography and wedding photography company! While you’re searching for a photographer, keep these questions in mind! I hope that the wedding photographer FAQ’s helps and encourages you to ask the questions that need to be asked during your wedding planning.

Taking your engagement photos can be fun. This gives you the opportunity during wedding planning to come together with your fiancé to let loose and spend time together. This also gives you the chance to get to know your photographer and see how they work.

Having engagement photos is essential to your wedding planning. You’re able to use these photos for your Save the Dates, displays at your wedding, and even in your new home!

“What Is A Houston Engagement Photography Session With You Like?”

I can ensure you that I will tell your story in a unique way. Your session will be anywhere between 90-120 minutes and you are welcome to bring one formal outfit and one casual outfit. Feel free to read more FAQ’s that you may have here.

“What’s Your Availability?”

I’m glad that you asked! Send me an email or give me a call today. I can let you know and we can get something scheduled! Whether that be an in studio consultation, a phone call about your options, or meeting for coffee – we can find the best options that fit your Houston engagement photography and wedding photography needs.

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Kirby & Reece – Houston Family Photographer

Houston Family Photographer
Kirby and Reece

While being a Houston wedding photographer, I have had wonderful opportunities to work with my couples again. Kirby is one that I have had the honor of working with throughout so many great milestones in her life. Getting to see Reece grow up over the last year has been so sweet! As a Houston family photographer, there’s nothing I love more than working with clients during each milestone and seeing everyone grow up!

Tips For Getting The Best Family Photos

As a Houston family photographer, I am here to help you achieve the best family photos for you to display in your home! I am available to answer any and all questions that you may have leading up to your family photography session. Here are a few tips on how to best get ready for your upcoming family photo session with me…

  1. Have one formal outfit and one casual outfit. This gives a lot of variety to your photos. But make sure there is limited print on the outfits that you choose. You don’t want there to be a lot of distraction that will take away from you in your photos!
  2. Aim to schedule your session in the morning or in the afternoon about 2 hours before sunset. The afternoon sun can be harsh and not very flattering for photos.

There are other things you may be curious about or need answers to… If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email today!

Scheduling Your Family Photo Session

It’s a new year! Are you wanting some fresh family photos for 2017? Let’s get you scheduled!

As your go-to Houston family photographer, I desire to give my families the best family photos around!

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Laura & Hunter – Best Houston Wedding Photography

Best Houston Wedding Photography
Laura and Hunter

At the Crystal Ballroom in Downtown Houston, each wedding that takes place there is nothing short of amazing. While working with their team over the years, I’ve captured some gorgeous weddings as the best Houston wedding photography company. And what’s been even more amazing than the weddings has been the couples that I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

I’m so excited to be able to include Laura and Hunter on that list of amazing couples that I’ve worked with from the Crystal Ballroom. Every detail came together as beautiful as you can imagine. I know that Laura and Hunter had nothing short of an amazing wedding day at this beautiful venue!

The Crystal Ballroom

From age to detail, the Crystal Ballroom has everything you could imagine for your wedding day. The timeless look and historic architecture it holds leaves everyone in awe. The team cares for each couple so well and you can tell just by how hard they work for each wedding. Every room here holds such unique details and you can’t help but want to get married here as well!

Best Houston Wedding Photography Information

Working as a Houston wedding photographer for many years now, I’ve had the great opportunity to photograph weddings all over Houston. It’s been such an amazing experience and makes me love my job more and more over the years. This city holds great history and has many great areas to have weddings or take photos. As a photographer, what more could I ask for? With the experience and love that I have for weddings, I can guarantee that your experience with me will be just what you’re looking for!


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Brent & Shelly – Best Wedding Photographer Houston

Best Wedding Photographer Houston
Brent and Shelly

As a Houston wedding photographer, I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph many beautiful weddings. Some of them have been large weddings and some of them have been smaller, more intimate weddings. Either route that you decide to take, your best wedding photographer Houston will be there to meet your wedding photography needs!

Brent and Shelly decided to go on the route of a smaller wedding. It was just the two of them and their daughter. It was so special and intimate. I am so glad that I got to be there to capture their special day as their best wedding photographer Houston!

The Details…

Whether you’re planning a large wedding or a small wedding, details are very important! And they are some of my favorite things to capture at any wedding. At Brent and Shelly’s wedding, there were such pretty details incorporated into their day. From Shelly’s dress, to her bouquet, and the location of their ceremony, everything about their day was picture perfect! Putting thought and time into the details of your wedding is definitely something that you will not regret doing!

The Moments…

Besides details, as a wedding photographer, another favorite for me to photograph are the moments shared between everyone. At Brent and Shelly’s wedding, it was so special to be able to have time with them as a family and take great images of all of them together, celebrating this amazing occasion! It’s always important to have each detail and special moment, planned or unplanned, captured perfectly at your wedding!

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer Houston to capture your details and special moments, you’ve come to the right place!

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