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Knowing What You Like For Your Wedding Photography | Best Wedding Photographer Houston

Lighting And Knowing What You’re Looking For In Your Best Wedding Photographer Houston

As many people may know, there are various styles of wedding photography. And that’s a great thing because no two couples are the same. Different styles of photography speak to different couples. As a best wedding photographer Houston, I’ve honed in on my craft and have found my style in an ever-changing industry. Although I’m always learning new things, being educated in different lighting techniques is something I’m very proud of.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important that your wedding photographer can use both natural and off-camera lighting well.

1.) The importance of different lighting techniques.

Photographers love the natural light. I’m one of them! But to me, there’s nothing like adding in some creative factors with my lights that I bring to each wedding with me. It’s important for each couple to really like the work that a photographer produces before hiring them. You can see in the images featured today. I was able to create a different look in the same location, one with natural light and one with my lights. And I adore both images! It’s incredibly important that a photographer knows how to use both lighting techniques well seeing as how the lighting and scenarios will change throughout the day.

2.) Knowing what you like better.

Your wedding photos are going to be treasures that you will look at for the rest of your life. You’re going to print them and put them on display for all to see. And you want to like what you put in your home! When you’re searching for your best wedding photographer Houston, you want to imagine that you can see their work in your home for a lifetime. And of course, these are questions that you can ask photographers as you’re searching for the right one.

“What lighting to you use? Natural light or off-camera lighting?”
“Can you do both?”
“My reception is at nighttime, will you be able to photograph that?

Those are just a few examples that any Houston wedding photographer should be able to confidently answer for you.

I hope this post helps you as you are searching for the best wedding photographer Houston for your wedding! Remember to keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind!

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The Importance Of Getting Ready Images | Austin Wedding Photographer

Why Getting Ready Images At Each Wedding Are Important | Austin Wedding Photographer

I’ve captured weddings all over the world as a destination wedding photographer. And one thing remains the same at each one I’ve photographed… There is importance in spending time with the couple separately to ensure that each detail is being photographed before they make their way down the aisle. Being an Austin wedding photographer, I experienced the importance of that again recently during the wedding featured here today.

Here are a few reasons why it’s so important for you to make sure your wedding photographer gets these moments.

1.) Memories with those closest to you.

The moments before your wedding begins are usually the most intimate ones. You’re spending time with your family and your closest friends as you get ready to say your “I do’s” to the love of your life. Not only do these images help tell the story of your wedding day, but they are a reminder of the time you spent having fun, and getting ready with your favorite people all around you.

2.) Details, details, details…

As you can see in some of the images featured here from Caroline and Bobby’s Austin wedding, being there before the ceremony began ensured that my team and I had plenty of time to get all the important details around the venue. This includes the details of what the couple will be wearing! So, getting those ring shots, the dresses on the hangers, and the sweet moments of the bride getting in her gown, are just timeless images to help you remember the amazing details of the wedding day.

3.) Remembering how you felt.

As an Austin wedding photographer, it’s important to me that I photograph the intimate moments and how everyone feels. There’s nothing like capturing a reaction of a bride reading a letter from her groom. Or the moment she does a first look with her dad. Having those memories in photographs is truly a treasure worth holding on to.

While looking for a destination wedding photographer, keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind! With experience and my bags ready to go, you can trust that I will be there every step of the way!

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League City Carpet Cleaning With Spotless Flooring

League City Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes I see other small businesses and in my mind I compare them to how we operate as a photography business. We as professionals must know our equipment and our trade very well and that’s across the board with every trade. There are skills that we must spend years developing into. We must also develop an eye for certain things and that’s a huge part of what separates the professionals who excel from those who just don’t.

A few weeks ago we were pre-planning at a venue that needed carpet cleaning in League City and was happy to see the inspector on site just because I’m always curious. He was from a small veteran owned business but from the looks of it, and the amount of knowledge he had, I first thought he was from a franchise company. We needed to have our house cleaned at the time so I spent a few minutes with the inspector talking to him.

He pointed out multiple things that I never would have noticed, other than the floor was dirty. Interestingly this floor care guy told me so much that he saw in the floor that I thought he was there to solve a mystery. I tell ya, he could have worked with Scooby-Doo and done well. But this is what I was originally talking about, having an eye for things as a professional. He explained how unusual track marks find their way all over the carpeted areas, explained how to prevent those from happening in the future, and knew exactly how to clean them.

As I took interest in what he was doing and spent a few minutes listening along with the venue manager we both learned a few things. The floor guy spoke about ways to prevent the floors from getting to a point of no return and really it was common sense, but once again, not something any would really think about. Curious George I am, I listened and started to gain a respect for this well-educated professional.

And it was eye opening to think that there are professionals for each little service industry, just like us photographers, who master their art over years of experience. If you’re interested in getting to know my new friend Daniel and his business, check out his League City carpet cleaning company. You can visit his website here.

A Day In The Life Of A Houston Wedding Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography – Best Houston Wedding Photographer

A Day In The Life Of A Houston Wedding Photographer

Jessi Marri Photography – Best Houston Wedding Photographer

Being the best Houston wedding photographer, there are a lot of things that go in to preparing for a wedding. Today, not only am I sharing beautiful images from Jennifer and Adrian’s wedding that took place at The Dunlavy, but I’m sharing a little about the day in the life of a Houston wedding photographer.

1.) We double and triple check our gear.

As a wedding photographer, I bring a lot of camera equipment with me. With that, I’m sure I can speak for every photographer that we double check and triple check our bags to make sure we have absolutely everything we need for your special day! A day or so before, we are checking cards, charging batteries, cleaning lenses, etc. Doing everything we can to make sure our gear is ready to go! We want to ensure that in transitional parts of the day, everything on our end is going to run smoothly.

2.) Details and getting ready.

Each wedding, details, and the moments they hold, all vary from one another. No wedding day is exactly the same. That’s what makes our job so great! Although, yes, we know what shots we need to get, images will vary from wedding to wedding. One of our favorite things besides taking photos of the couples by themselves is the beginning of the day when everyone is getting ready and when we can get the details, such as your venue before everyone gets there, up close photos of the dresses, and center pieces!

3.) Our excitement is real!

Yes, it’s true! I love my job as the best Houston wedding photographer! After working with our couples for a good amount of time before the wedding, when the day comes around, we are thrilled to see, work with, and create beautiful images for our couples!

We want to make sure that you are taken care of on your wedding day! Keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind for all of your Houston wedding photography needs!

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My Favorite Things About Being A Destination Wedding Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

A Few Of My Favorite Things About Being A Destination Wedding Photographer

Jessi Marri Photography

After shooting my first wedding in Tampa, Florida I knew that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Wedding photography is my passion and becoming a destination wedding photographer is a dream come true. When given the opportunity to go on a new adventure with an amazing couple to photograph their wedding, it’s safe to say that I’m getting my passport and bags ready to go! It’s a great thing when your passion and career collide. For me, that’s traveling and photography. So, I’m always ecstatic about doing a destination wedding!

“What Are Your Favorite Things About Being A Destination Wedding Photographer?”

My favorite thing about being a destination wedding photographer would have to be making each session a unique one. I make sure that no matter where your wedding may be located, that we take time and do a sunset session.

For instance, once I was hired to go to Thailand, I knew that I had to do a session with an elephant. I mean, it’s Thailand! I couldn’t help myself! We had such an amazing time together while creating such unique images. These are photos that you don’t see from just any wedding! In fact, the elephant session is one of my favorites to date.

“Can We Talk About Our Photography Options?”

While you are searching for your go-to destination wedding photographer, keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind! Overall, I am dedicated to making your wedding photography decision an easy one. I love what I do and I believe that it shows in my work. Let me help you tell the story of your destination wedding day with beautiful imagery. And lastly, stop by my pricing and packaging page to see that hiring a destination wedding photographer is not as expensive as you may think!

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What To Remember When Looking For Your Photographer Houston Wedding – Jessi Marri Photography

Feeling Stuck?
What To Remember When Looking For Your Photographer Houston Wedding!

Jessi Marri Photography

Finding your perfect photographer for your Houston wedding is incredibly important. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Well, I’m here to help! Today, I am excited to talk to you about why it is so important for you and your fiancé to find the photographer Houston wedding that fits the needs of your wedding day!

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you search for your Houston wedding photographer:

1. Like their style.

When I say “like their style,” I’m not necessarily talking about their choice of clothing. I’m talking about the style of photography that they specialize in. It’s important for you to like the imagery they create. Keep in mind that these are photos that you’re going to look at for the rest of your life, so you definitely want great quality hanging in your home!

2. See what they offer.

Different photographers offer different types of packages. This will vary with what is included before and on the day of the wedding. Also, wedding photographers may also offer prints, canvases, and albums! Make sure to ask about these special items!

3. Like them.

It’s really important for you to like your photographer Houston wedding. What I mean by this is that you like who they are, how they approach and relate to you, and how they will care for your wedding day. As a Houston wedding photographer, I can ensure that each couple that I work with will get an incredible experience from even before meeting in person!

Are You Interested In Jessi Marri Photography For Your Houston Wedding Needs?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! I love what I do and believe that it truly shows in my work! Feel free to browse the site and see some of my favorite images and visit the FAQ page! I can also be reached by email or phone, so feel free to get in touch soon!

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Your Go-To Houston Wedding Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

Your Go-To Houston Wedding Photographer

Jessi Marri Photography

The last 6+ years as a Houston wedding photographer has been such an amazing adventure. I’ve not only worked at beautiful wedding venues, I’ve also worked with great vendors in this industry. Of course, my favorite thing is that I’ve worked with and have made memories with amazing couples!

“What Is Your Favorite Thing About Being A Houston Wedding Photographer?”

My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer in Houston is the portrait session with the bride and the groom. I love the time I get to spend with them, creating beautiful images of the two of them together. These are the photos that will be printed and displayed in their home. And that’s something that’s just so special to me. This is the time that the couple and myself get some time separate from the bridal party and the hustle and bustle of it all and create those unique images. It’s one of the most special times I have as a wedding photographer.

This is also a really great time because you, as the couple, get to step away for a few minutes and just soak up the time with just each other, before all of the dancing and eating begins!

If you’re interested in reading what some of my couples have said over the years, head over to The Knot!

Living The Dream…

Being a Houston wedding photographer is a dream job. I truly love what I do. And that’s something that you should experience with your wedding photographer. Be sure to keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind as your go-to Houston wedding photographer!

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The Importance Of Your Photographer Destination Wedding – Jessi Marri Photography

The Importance Of Your Photographer Destination Wedding

Jessi Marri Photography

When you are planning your wedding, you spend a lot of time looking for the perfect vendors that best fit your wedding, budget, and style. It can be slightly different when you are planning a destination wedding. One important thing to consider when you’re planning a destination wedding is finding your number one choice for a photographer destination wedding!

How Important Destination Wedding Photography Is…

As a wedding photographer in Houston, I know how important it is to capture every single important moment and detail at a wedding. It’s the same thing as a destination wedding photographer. Your friends and family may be flying in from all over, you put a lot of thought into your beautiful wedding, and you want it captured perfectly! Therefore, at Jessi Marri Photography, your wedding is the priority. And above all, I can guarantee that you will receive the top wedding photographer service that you expect at your wedding.

I have been all over the world to photograph weddings. In fact, I’ve captured my couples from the beautiful beaches of Mexico to riding elephants in Thailand. From the gorgeous mountains in Las Vegas to the beauty of Tampa. For this reason, I love destination weddings and everything they have to offer. I will take care of photographing special moments and you can rest easy knowing your day is in very capable hands!

Get In Touch Today!

As a photographer destination wedding, I find true joy in capturing destination weddings. There’s something so special about traveling to unique locations to photograph love in a new country.
Interested in hearing more about my photographer destination wedding packages? Give me a call or send me an email today. I look forward to hearing from you! Don’t forget to browse the site to see some of my favorite images and check out the FAQ page!

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The Perks Of Hiring Destination Wedding Photographers – Jessi Marri Photography

Hiring Destination Wedding Photographers And The Perks Of It

Jessi Marri Photography

Destination wedding photographers have a very special job. They have the amazing opportunity to travel the world and photograph people vowing their lives to one another. How special is that? So, with how special that is, of course working in this industry and doing destination weddings is something I’m so happy to specialize in!

Finding Professional Destination Wedding Photographers

As a professional wedding photographer, there are many things that we help take care of in throughout the wedding planning process with our couples. These things may include helping with the wedding day timeline and taking engagement photos. We also help with many things the day of. We help keep the timeline moving forward and may even step in to help bustle the dress! Finding a professional destination wedding photographer will benefit you in different ways. They will know what to do and which details they need to get. As a result, you won’t have a thing to worry about when you have Jessi Marri Photography as your wedding photographers!

Next Steps To Take…

It’s such a great feeling when you find the perfect photographer for your destination wedding! And did you know that hiring a destination wedding photographer can be reasonably priced? See more information about that here!

Furthermore, with experience, professionalism, and with my team of photographers, your destination wedding photography is in great hands. As your destination wedding photographers, you won’t have stress in regards to your photography. Most of all, not only do we love to alleviate stress from our couples, we also look forward to creating beautiful imagery of your beautiful destination wedding to be displayed in your home for years to come.

We can’t wait to make your search for your destination wedding photographers an easy one! So get in touch with Jessi Marri Photography today to talk about your destination wedding photography needs.

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The Life Of A Houston Engagement Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

The Life Of A Houston Engagement Photographer
And Why I Love What I Do

Jessi Marri Photography

The life of a Houston engagement photographer… Where do I begin? When I say that I love what I do, it’s true. I’m truly passionate about wedding photography and giving my clients the best service around. I’m sure that I speak for the majority of photographers when I say that we view love a little differently than everyone else. Not only do we view it through a lens, but we experience different couples… different people… almost every week vow their lives to one another. Each couple completely different from the last. And I love that about my job.

Today, I’m happy to answer a few questions about the life of a Houston engagement photographer and why I love what I do!

“Why Engagement And Wedding Photography?”

When I did my first wedding about 10 years ago in Tampa, I knew this was the life for me. I stepped forward into this industry and never looked back! I love weddings and I love LOVE! For me, there is nothing better than spending time with couples with my camera in hand documenting their love!

“Do You Photograph Proposals?”

Great question! Taking care of proposals is another one of my favorite things as a Houston engagement photographer! This is such an important moment in your life and you don’t want to miss out on having it properly documented! If you’re planning on popping the question soon, get in touch today! You can see more information about proposal photography here.

“Where Can I Find Your Work?”

You can find photos of my engagement sessions here and across all social media outlets! I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and even Google+! Of course, I love meeting in person! Get in touch today and let’s schedule an in-person consultation at my studio. There you can see my prints and different albums I offer for my couples.

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6 Unique Engagement Photos Houston That Will Inspire You – Jessi Marri Photography

Don’t Be Discouraged! Let These Engagement Photos Inspire You!

Engagement Photos Houston
Jessi Marri Photography

During my years as a wedding photographer, I have worked with some incredible couples. Couples that have served our country, to couples that want to show off what they love during their engagement session. As one of your go-to photographers for engagement photos Houston, I want to share with you 6 photos from over the last couple years that will inspire you during your engagement. And with that, share some thoughtful tips on what could help you as you prepare to take your engagement photos.

Be Yourself!

I know, I know… I probably sound like your parent, but this is one of the most important things to keep in mind for your engagement photos Houston! As you can see in each photo featured here today, each image is unique and truly shows them off as a couple. From their styles, to locations, to what may be incorporated in the photos. (How cute is the baseball save the date?!) Each couple in these images remained true to themselves during their engagement photos.

Be Comfortable!

Your photographer will more than likely recommend that you bring a few outfit choices for your engagement photos Houston. This is the chance for you to wear your favorite outfits! There’s probably a dress in your closet you’ve been itching to wear. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a new pair of cute sandals for a while. Either way, you want to make sure that you and your fiancé are comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. You will be doing different poses and probably walking around, so make sure you don’t have to adjust your dress all the time or that you’re not wearing something you’re going to sweat bullets in! You can see more about this topic on my FAQ page!

Include Something Meaningful

Do you have a special piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing at your wedding? (Like a grandmothers necklace.) Do either of you serve in the military and want to include something from your uniform? Maybe your truck is your favorite thing besides your fiancé? Either way, let your photographer know that you have special things that you want to include in your session! (These are great ideas for wedding photography, as well!)

Jessi Marri Photography Your Go-To Houston Photographer!

With Jessi Marri Photography, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your photography needs! With experience, professionalism, and my love for weddings and my clients, your engagement photos Houston and your wedding are with a great company!

Get in touch today and let’s set up an in-studio consultation!

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Why I Love Spring Engagement Pictures Houston – Jessi Marri Photography

Why I Love Spring Engagement Pictures

Engagement Pictures Houston
Jessi Marri Photography

In our beautiful world and all of the seasons that it offers us year round, there’s something so special about Springtime. The flowers are blooming, the sun seems to be shining a little bit brighter and a little bit longer. And the colors all around are inspiring to photographer like me. Today is the perfect day to share with everyone why I love Spring engagement pictures Houston.

The Newness Springtime Offers

We’ve just left Winter. While although Winter has beauty of it’s own, so does Spring. With the sun shining a little longer during the day and with the trees and flowers blooming, it opens us up to something we didn’t know we were missing during the Wintertime. I recommend taking full advantage of taking your engagement pictures Houston in the Spring. The weather is warm enough to wear your favorite sundress. (You know the one!) And you can even incorporate your favorite wedges or sandals. Your fiancé can still wear a suit or that sweater you love on him so much, and he won’t be sweating up a storm. It’s the perfect happy-medium.

Perfect Evening Pictures

I know that it can be difficult to schedule your engagement pictures Houston around your work schedule. The good thing about Springtime is that since the sun is hanging out with us a little bit longer in the evening, it gives you the perfect opportunity to meet with your photographer after work and get those beautiful golden hour images! (You know, the dreamy ones all over your Pinterest boards!) Also, talk about the perfect way to wind down after a work day… You get to get all dolled up and spend time kissing your fiancé. How fun is that?

Flexibility With Locations 

Do you have a location that you’re just dreaming to use for your engagement pictures? Maybe it’s by the water or with some blue bonnets? Well, with Springtime arriving at our doorstop, we now have the availability to use locations such as those. Blue bonnets aren’t always around and it may be freezing by the water. Now, that’s something you can do!

Meeting With Jessi

Are you interested in Jessi Marri Photography for your Springtime engagement pictures Houston? Get in touch today and let’s schedule a consultation at my studio! I look forward to hearing about your upcoming wedding! Stop by my pricing page to see what my packages look like and everything I offer. From destination wedding photography and beyond, you can trust Jessi Marri Photography!

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