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How To Prepare For Your Houston Engagement Photography Session

Houston Engagement Photography
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Preparing for your Houston engagement photography session can be so much fun, especially if you set your sights on making it an event to remember! Having photographed my fair share of engagement sessions, I’m happy to share what I have picked up over to years. With that, what I share today will be immensely beneficial for couples preparing for their upcoming engagement photography session.

Let’s Prep!

1.) The Outfits

There is something about the right outfit that just makes us feel like a million bucks. Make sure that you plan to wear clothes that are flattering. And don’t stray away from the idea of a theme. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your styles. It’s also important to keep the level of the outfits the same. If you plan on wearing a formal dress, make sure your fiancé is wearing something that compliments your beautiful choice. You can see the similarities in the clothing choices in the Houston engagement photography session featured today!

2.) The Timing & Locations

Did you know that the perfect time for a Houston engagement photography session is in the morning or in the afternoon, a few hours before sunset? So, the timeframe would be in the morning between the hours of 9:00am-11:00am. The afternoon timeframe would be between the hours of 4:00pm-6:00pm or 7:00pm depending on sunset times.

Pro Tip:
The early-mid afternoon sun is HARSH! Try to avoid afternoon sessions at all costs!

And as for locations, think of places for your Houston engagement photography session that best speak to or fit you both as a couple. Like the engagement session featured today, you can see that their outfits compliment one another and flows together well with the classic car. And this location with the Mustang speaks to them as a couple and tells their story.

Pro Tip:
Bring things to the engagement session that you would like incorporated into your photos! Like the Mustang, this shows off what they like and their style. Think of things like your pup, special jewelry, or maybe even balloons!

3.) Hair & Make Up

Your Houston engagement photography session is the perfect opportunity for you to do a trial run for your hair and make up. You may even do this again if you are planning to do a bridal session. Either way, It’s also a great excuse for you to get all dolled up and look super cute for your fiancé! There’s something beautiful and powerful about a woman who feels confident. Having your hair and make up photo-ready can really boost your confidence if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera! This is a special time in your wedding planning process – make the absolute most of it!

Of course, there are a few more things to prepare for when planning your engagement photography session. Be sure to stop by the FAQ page to read answers to questions such as, “How long will my session last?” or “Do you shoot destination weddings?”

I love connecting with couples in person! Feel free to give me a call and let’s schedule an in-person consultation at my studio!

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