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A Day In The Life Of A Houston Wedding Photographer

Jessi Marri Photography – Best Houston Wedding Photographer

Being the best Houston wedding photographer, there are a lot of things that go in to preparing for a wedding. Today, not only am I sharing beautiful images from Jennifer and Adrian’s wedding that took place at The Dunlavy, but I’m sharing a little about the day in the life of a Houston wedding photographer.

1.) We double and triple check our gear.

As a wedding photographer, I bring a lot of camera equipment with me. With that, I’m sure I can speak for every photographer that we double check and triple check our bags to make sure we have absolutely everything we need for your special day! A day or so before, we are checking cards, charging batteries, cleaning lenses, etc. Doing everything we can to make sure our gear is ready to go! We want to ensure that in transitional parts of the day, everything on our end is going to run smoothly.

2.) Details and getting ready.

Each wedding, details, and the moments they hold, all vary from one another. No wedding day is exactly the same. That’s what makes our job so great! Although, yes, we know what shots we need to get, images will vary from wedding to wedding. One of our favorite things besides taking photos of the couples by themselves is the beginning of the day when everyone is getting ready and when we can get the details, such as your venue before everyone gets there, up close photos of the dresses, and center pieces!

3.) Our excitement is real!

Yes, it’s true! I love my job as the best Houston wedding photographer! After working with our couples for a good amount of time before the wedding, when the day comes around, we are thrilled to see, work with, and create beautiful images for our couples!

We want to make sure that you are taken care of on your wedding day! Keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind for all of your Houston wedding photography needs!

Feel free to browse the site and even visit the FAQ page to see if we answer any questions you may have!

You can also reach Jessi at (832) 329-3042 or Jessi@JessiMarriPhotography.com

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