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Why Getting Ready Images At Each Wedding Are Important | Austin Wedding Photographer

I’ve captured weddings all over the world as a destination wedding photographer. And one thing remains the same at each one I’ve photographed… There is importance in spending time with the couple separately to ensure that each detail is being photographed before they make their way down the aisle. Being an Austin wedding photographer, I experienced the importance of that again recently during the wedding featured here today.

Here are a few reasons why it’s so important for you to make sure your wedding photographer gets these moments.

1.) Memories with those closest to you.

The moments before your wedding begins are usually the most intimate ones. You’re spending time with your family and your closest friends as you get ready to say your “I do’s” to the love of your life. Not only do these images help tell the story of your wedding day, but they are a reminder of the time you spent having fun, and getting ready with your favorite people all around you.

2.) Details, details, details…

As you can see in some of the images featured here from Caroline and Bobby’s Austin wedding, being there before the ceremony began ensured that my team and I had plenty of time to get all the important details around the venue. This includes the details of what the couple will be wearing! So, getting those ring shots, the dresses on the hangers, and the sweet moments of the bride getting in her gown, are just timeless images to help you remember the amazing details of the wedding day.

3.) Remembering how you felt.

As an Austin wedding photographer, it’s important to me that I photograph the intimate moments and how everyone feels. There’s nothing like capturing a reaction of a bride reading a letter from her groom. Or the moment she does a first look with her dad. Having those memories in photographs is truly a treasure worth holding on to.

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