Getting Ready For Your Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography & How To Best Prepare

A lot of preparation goes into planning for destination wedding photography. Sure, it sounds like that may be a difficult task, but it really isn’t! It is actually one of the best parts about being destination wedding photographers. As I share with you some beautiful photos from Katelyn and Tom’s wedding at the Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa, you will walk away with great information on preparing for your destination wedding photography!

1.) Decisions, decisions…

One of the really important decisions you will come across when planning your destination wedding will be your photographer. Do you hire the resort photographer? Do you bring one along with you? Ultimately, that is up to you! But just know, it isn’t the best idea to have both there photographing your wedding. It’s best to stick with just one company so there is consistency all around!

2.) Scheduling!

Even at a destination wedding, there will be a timeline. And with that, it’s necessary to go over your wedding schedule with your photographer in advance. This helps everyone out and ensures that the day will run smoothly!

3.) More than just one session!

You’re probably thinking, “wait, we get more photos than just the ones from our wedding day?!” That’s right! This is one of my favorite things about being a destination wedding photographer! I always make sure to tell my couples to prepare themselves to put their wedding attire back on and do one more session within the 48-hours following their wedding!

You’re traveling to a unique place for your wedding, the most important time in your life, why not get all of the photos that you can?

Did you know that destination wedding photography isn’t as expensive as you may think? Get in touch with us today and let’s chat about your upcoming destination wedding!

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