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Thailand Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography in Thailand – Jessi Marri Photography/Destination Wedding Photographer

Shooting in Thailand was one of my favorite experiences EVER as a destination wedding photographer! Destination wedding photography is the best! Traveling is something that I really love and getting to shoot a wedding while traveling is the BEST! New ideas and inspiration come to me when I am exposed to new things. I pride myself on the amount of planning and preparation that I put into the process for my wedding photography clients but of course sometimes some of the best images are those spur of the moment shots where we were just in the right place at the right time. When I first spoke with David (groom) about shooting him and Tak’s (bride) wedding in Thailand I was instantly excited! After plane tickets were booked for the trip, I started researching and looking up creative ideas right away. The #1 thing I wanted to do while shooting this destination wedding was a session with the elephants. I have always had a fascination with these incredible animals and the opportunity to get to see and spend time with them while creating gorgeous and unique photos for my clients was something I simply could not pass up! Clients are always happy with destination wedding photography!

Destination Wedding Photography

Bangkok, Thailand

I had the pleasure of traveling to Thailand last month to photograph a wedding. It was my first time shooting in Asia and the whole experience was incredible from start to finish. My bride and groom met me at the airport in Bangkok and we stayed in the city for a day before traveling out to the province where the wedding was to be held. After 27 hours of travel time from Houston, TX to Bangkok, Thailand I was thankful for a little bit of down time before the 8 hour drive out into the country. While in the city for the day we got to do some pretty cool things like visit the Harley Davidson dealership and Bangkok Aquarium as well as indulge in tons of Thai food!

After reaching the town where we were to be staying there were tons pf preparations of course with the wedding only days away.  A couple days after arriving we had scheduled a photo shoot at an elephant village. To date this is my all time favorite experience as a photographer! Elephants are such intelligent and amazing creatures. It was really incredible to get to do this session with my bride and groom and a beautiful female Asian elephant. My lighting equipment was no issue and she even posed along with David and Tak in several of the images that we captured. It was a beautiful day for a photo session!

The wedding day itself was perfect from the engagement ceremony in the morning to the ceremony/reception of the evening. David told me they guesstimated that about 700 people showed up. It was by far the largest wedding that I have ever had the privilege of shooting. It was great to see two cultures and two families joined together by this marriage.

From a photographers perspective, destination weddings are a fantastic idea! We have the opportunity to create amazing images in an environment that is new and exciting! We have the ability to plan in extra sessions in the days leading up to the actual wedding day and in some cases even session afterwards. The whole thing is an experience that will be treasured for years to come via photographs that tell the story!