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Capturing Your Memories With A Maine Photographer

Capturing Your Important Memories With A Maine Photographer

There are so many important memories that take place throughout your life. Family vacations, weddings, spending time with loved ones. And for most parents, a lot of the memories that you want to remember are the ones with your kiddos. There are times as they grow up that you will want to share the “remember when…” moments and that is where a Maine photographer comes into help. As a photographer who loves what she does, there’s nothing like helping families cherish those memories for a lifetime.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to capture your memories with a Maine photographer…

• They grow up so fast!

You’ve probably heard every parent say, “they grow up so fast!” And it’s true! As time ticks by, it seems as though the years are just flying by at the speed of light when you take a look back. That’s why it’s so important to me as a Maine photographer to help families freeze those moments with photography that they can look back on and display in their home for years to come.

• Remembering the good times.

There are times in life when things aren’t so glamorous or easy. That’s part of this journey. But one thing is certain… You can take a look back at some of your wonderful family photos and remember how you felt that day, and just how truly lucky you all are to have one another.

• Every special moment

Photography is the rare art form that helps stop a moment in time. Photography helps you capture memories from the moment your baby takes their first breath to the time that they are off to college or getting married!

We believe photography to be one of the most important investments that you can make. If you’re searching for a Maine photographer to help create memories for you and your family, you’ve come to the right place!

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Top Houston Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

Top Houston Photographer
Jessi Marri Photography

There’s nothing quite like being a top Houston photographer. After shooting my first wedding in Tampa, I knew that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I’ve met and have worked with so many amazing couples and industry vendors. Becoming a top Houston photographer is a dream come true. With hard work, dedication, and a true love for this business, I desire to make your photography dreams come true whether that be family, engagement, or a portrait session.

Portraits In Houston

Houston is such a unique city. There are so many different locations and elements to this great place. For weddings, not only are there are many different locations and venues, there is a venue for every type of wedding and for every couple’s style. There are also many great locations all around us that provide the perfect location for portrait sessions. Places such as Hermann Park, the streets of Downtown Houston, and even areas in the suburbs, hold great elements for the perfect portrait session with a top Houston photographer.

“What Type Of Sessions Do You Offer?”

I know I mentioned previously that I take care of weddings, families, and engagements. But I take care of everything! If you’re on the search for a top Houston photographer for senior portraits, maternity portraits, events, and even proposals, you’ve come to the right place! Stop by my info page today to see packages and pricing!


While you are searching for the perfect top Houston photographer, be sure to keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind. I’ve been happily capturing weddings, portraits, and events in Houston for over 6 years now and I’m proud to be a top Houston photographer. With experience, professionalism, and fun, I’ll capture everything you need!

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Kirby & Reece – Houston Family Photographer

Houston Family Photographer
Kirby and Reece

While being a Houston wedding photographer, I have had wonderful opportunities to work with my couples again. Kirby is one that I have had the honor of working with throughout so many great milestones in her life. Getting to see Reece grow up over the last year has been so sweet! As a Houston family photographer, there’s nothing I love more than working with clients during each milestone and seeing everyone grow up!

Tips For Getting The Best Family Photos

As a Houston family photographer, I am here to help you achieve the best family photos for you to display in your home! I am available to answer any and all questions that you may have leading up to your family photography session. Here are a few tips on how to best get ready for your upcoming family photo session with me…

  1. Have one formal outfit and one casual outfit. This gives a lot of variety to your photos. But make sure there is limited print on the outfits that you choose. You don’t want there to be a lot of distraction that will take away from you in your photos!
  2. Aim to schedule your session in the morning or in the afternoon about 2 hours before sunset. The afternoon sun can be harsh and not very flattering for photos.

There are other things you may be curious about or need answers to… If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email today!

Scheduling Your Family Photo Session

It’s a new year! Are you wanting some fresh family photos for 2017? Let’s get you scheduled!

As your go-to Houston family photographer, I desire to give my families the best family photos around!

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Cheering You On | Houston Creatives

You’re not alone. We’re cheering you on.

As creative entrepreneurs, you have probably had times of discouragement, times of doubt, or times where you might have felt alone. As Houston creatives, you may love working from home, editing photos and answering emails with a nice cup of coffee while wearing your comfiest shirt. While all of that is great, I know I am not alone when I say that sometimes being your own boss may feel a little lonely or discouraging.

I’m here to tell you today that you are not alone. Let’s read that again – you are not alone.

Being Houston creatives, we live in a huge city – the fourth largest city in the country to be exact, so that means have an amazing outlet in our great city to network, work alongside, and lift one another up.

Maybe you’re one of the Houston creatives I’m talking about. Maybe this found you at the right time today. If that’s so, I want to share with you a couple ways how we can all stick together and lift one another up.

  1. Help Each Other
    Does someone need assistance during a photo shoot? Is someone trying to put an event together and need some extra hands? Be there for one another and assist on that shoot. Be there for one another and help put center pieces together or pick up some dirty dishes. A little bit can truly go a long way. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed.
  2. Share What You Know
    This is one of my favorites. Knowledge is a key part in the creative industry. Sharing what you know with someone else can greatly help them on their endeavors. Knowing that they have someone to turn to with questions or if they are in need of advice is something valuable.
  3. Hang Out!
    It’s okay to get out of the house or the office with some fellow Houston creatives. We all need a little time off to refuel and refocus, so getting some friend time in is crucial! I know I always feel so much better once I have some time with some loved ones!

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and hang out soon! 

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Summer of Love | Newborn Photography Houston Special

Summer of Love | Newborn Photography Houston

When a baby is brought into the world, those first minutes are always the most exhilarating. All the time spent planning, dreaming, waiting, for this very moment when they are in your arms. They still don’t know where they are, but they know they’re home. Not home, as in inside a house or some place with four walls. But home, as in within your caring and loving embrace. As time passes, and they grow into a child, then a teen, then an adult, there will be so many different experiences, growths, and changes in life that the first week can be easily forgotten. This is where we come in with newborn photography Houston.

The Beginning of a New Love

This is how, early on, we learned why newborn photography is more than just a cute pic. Its the day when your child finally meets the world for their first time ever, utter their first sound, and meet the ones who have loved them since the day they were just a thought, and will love them until the day after forever. When you look back on these photos, you’ll remember when you held them in your hands, that first glance, their warmth in your arms, the beauty of what you created, and the memories that you and your child have created since then.

And This is Why We Push for Newborn Photography Houston

Because we know we are able to capture these emotions, package them in a container known as a photo, and give them to you so that, one day, you can open it up and re-experience those emotions as if it was the first time. We know how much these moments mean, because we know how much they meant to our parents, and we know how much they’ll mean to us when we have children.

Let’s Start Putting These Memories Together!

So, all summer long, save $50 with our Summer of Love special when you book a newborn session with Two Hearts Studios and Jessi Marri Photography. We also have packages that includes photo session for their first year of birth, and more! If you want to more information on the best methods of newborn photography, Houston, you can check out our Challenges of Infant Photography blog post.

If you want to book, have any questions or just want to say hi, call us at 832-329-3042 or email us at!

Houston Photography Classes Now Offered by Jessi Marri Photography

Houston Photography Classes are what you’re looking for?

Look No Further – Jessi Marri Photography Is Now Offering Houston Photography Classes!

With the success of our Back to the Basics Class and our upcoming Lighting with Off-Camera Class,* Jessi Marri Photography will be offering more Houston photography classes throughout the year! Each class will include lessons from Award-winning photographer Jessi Becker, and each class will include lesssons that can take your photography skills to a professional level!

Group Classes:

  • Gain the experience of not only learning from a professional, but also through the steps and techniques of peers
  • Lower Prices

Private Classes:

  • One on One Training
  • Personalized Lessons tailored to the Individual

The prices for these classes range from $49 to $149 per student but the knowledge is invaluable!

 Houston Photography Classes!Taught by:

Jessi Becker

Lead photographer of Jessi Marri Photography & Two Hearts Studios. As a published, award-winning Wedding Photographer – awarded The Knot’s Best of Weddings for the Third Year in a Row  she has been a professional photographer for the last 11 years, and has worked with some of the best photographers in the city! To check out her work, you can view her work on at or follow her on social media:

Stay tuned for more updates on classes! For any questions or comments, you can call us at 832-329-3042 or email us at

* –  Our “Lighting with Off-Camera” Class is this February 13th at 10AM. It will be held at Hermann Park with models, Jessi Marri Photography’s lead photographer Jessi Becker and photographers from her sub-brand, Two Hearts Studios.

Challenges of Houston Infant Photography

Houston Infant Photography Jessi Marri

The Challenges of Houston Infant Photography – Jessi Marri Photography

While I LOVE shooting children, when it comes to shooting Houston infant photography, there are challenges to shooting newborns. Over the years, you tend to come across them, which only forces you to not only become a better photographer, but also a better nurturer for infants.

For instance, newborn shoots require both the photographer and the parents to follow the lead of the infant. But, the secret to successful infant photography, is to plan the shoot to where the infant is at their most comfortable and relaxed. This means doing everything possible to ensure that the infant is calm, and collected.

Challenges of Houston Infant PhotographyHouston Infant Photography Jessi Marri

  • A Cranky Kid

    Now the crankiness isn’t the fault of the infant themself. You have to put yourself in their shoes (or crib, in this case.) “I just got to this place called Life a couple of days ago! I’m still trying to figure out why it’s so bright and loud! And I’m hungry. And I’m sleepy.” If you felt like this, you would probably start crying too. But, there are ways to make it comfortable and even fun for the infant, which I’ll cover in the next paragraph!

  • Positioning/Repositioning

    The infant may be wide awake and understandably doesn’t want to leave mama or papa because they just found that perfect sleeping position.

  • Flashing Lights

    Let’s say during the shoot, everything has been going great. The angles are nice, the infant is giving us nothing but golden shots, and everything is great. But then, one shot of flash hits and they wake up, crying and reaching for mama and papa again. This can bring a shoot to a complete stop! But, there are ways around this too.

How I “Challenge” These Challenges

  • Schedule Shoot 4-5 Days After Birth

    This is usually the time period when the infant is still sleeping for the majority of their day. This makes it easier to position, take care of the child in between shooting, and get those cute shots like the one on the right!

  • Make Sure Child is Well Fed

    I find that this helps with making sure the infant is very relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. This is one of the major things that lessens/gets rid of the crankiness!

  • Shoot Around Nap Time

    Shooting around nap time is perfect, because this is the time when the child is feeling sleepy, which also makes it easier to shoot. This is another one of the major things that lessens/gets rid of the crankiness!

  • Comfortable Shooting Space, Good Shooting Techniques & Props Tailored to Infant Photography

    Our props, such as our chairs, beanbag, etc. are made specifically for newborns and children, in order to make sure your newborn is on cloud 9 during our shoot.

  • When & How to Use Flash

    Also, the perfect time to use flash is Never. We at Jessi Marri Photography only use natural light for all infant photography sessions. This is not only because flash is unpleasant for the newborn, but also because using flash brings out an unnatural skin tone in newborn images that isn’t appealing to their eyes.

Altogether, covering these bases are essential to having a great shoot. And, also, who likes a crying baby?? An unhappy kid always makes unhappy parents. So photographers AND parents, take notes the next time you go for an infant photography shoot!

If you like what you see and would like to book a session with us for a Houston infant photography shoot, or any other types of shoots, call us today at 832-329-3042, or you can email us at

Competitive Pricing – Houston Event Photography

Don’t forget Jessi Marri Photography Offers More Houston Event Photography Than Weddings!

While wedding photography is my bread and butter, Jessi Marri Photography does more Houston Event Photography than just weddings! From parties to birthdays to fashion shows to family reunions and more, I cover almost everything our customers can come up with.

Over time, shooting weddings has given me practice for a variety of situations. This includes going from well-lit outdoor portrait shots to low-light locations and fast moving subjects in less then 10 minutes. When it comes to shooting, this can be a photographers worst nightmare. But for me, this is just my day to day. And, through these experiences, I have developed a keen eye, steadfast efficiency, and tack sharp ability to capture beautiful shots that allows me to be prepared for any shoot I come across.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention:

Don’t think that my soon to-be wedded clients are the only ones to receive my competitive pricing. When it comes to any Houston event photography, you can expect the same exact competitive pricing!

Competitive Pricing + Efficiency + Amazing Quality Work Every Time

So contact us today! If you’re interested or have any questions, you can give us a call at 832-329-3042, or you can email me at

Houston Photography Class – Back to the Basics

Houston Photography Class – Back to the Basics

Hosted on February 6th at 4PM – For ONLY $49

Do you LOVE photography? Wouldn’t it be awesome to get some real instruction from a real professional? Well then I hope to see you at my Houston Photography Class – Back to the Basics – for beginning photographers next month!

These basics will cover everything from:

  • Composition – Understanding how to frame your subject
  • Lighting – Different methods to light and present your subject
  • Perspective – How angles affect the feel of the photo
  • ISO | Shutter Speed | Aperture – As well as the relation between the three
  • And more!

This will be an excellent introduction for all beginners! The information will apply to all photographers from those with entry-level DSLR’s to even iPhone/Android photographers!

About the Photographer: “Jessi Marri Photography has been a Wedding Photographer serving the Houston area since 2010. Given ‘The Knot – Best of Weddings’ Award 3 years in a row, she has studied and work with some of the best photographers in Houston and around the world. ‘I shot my first wedding when I was 18 years old in Tampa, FL and I knew from that moment on that this would ALWAYS be a part of me.'”

It’ll be on February 6th at 4pm at our studio at 10039 Bissonnet St., Suite #211, Houston, TX 77036! Please sign up quickly as spots are filling up quickly! There are only 6 seats open and 2 seats have already been taken!

To sign up, you can call at 832-329-3042 or email us at!

Valentine’s Day Photography Special

Houston Valentine's Day Photography Special Jessi MarriValentine’s Day Photography Special – Mini-Session for Kids!

Hey Houston, you know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And we here at Jessi Marri Photography are offering a great photography deal for children! What’s better than capturing your kid’s cuteness for your family, photo-books, or picture frames?

For the second year in a row, Jessi Marri Photography is offering a great special for your kids! Surprise your loved ones with our Valentine’s Day Photography Special on our mini-sessions. In less time than it’ll take to get them dressed up, we will be able to snap those photos that will capture the liveliness and cuteness of your child, and give you a copy of moments that will last a lifetime!

Photography Mini-Session Includes:

  • 30 minutes
  • 5 edited digital images
  • For only $149

So call or email us to schedule your children for a Valentine’s Day mini session and celebrate the CUTENESS!

#: 832-329-3042