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All About Being Destination Wedding Photographers

Being Destination Wedding Photographers
(And Why We Love It!)

With the summer arriving at our doorsteps and the sweet possibilities that await us during this season, there’s nothing like being destination wedding photographers. Sometimes we just can’t believe that this is our job! We are excited to feature the beautiful wedding of Tom and Katelyn that took place at the Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa. This wedding is one that we won’t forget!

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you all about being destination wedding photographers and why we love it!

1.) Traveling

There’s something about traveling that is just so exciting! We love having the opportunity to travel abroad to capture a beautiful destination wedding while also doing a little sightseeing! Sightseeing also helps because it gives us the chance to search for even more perfect locations for photos!

And speaking of that…

2.) Lots of photos!

This is one of the best parts about being destination wedding photographers! At Jessi Marri Photography, we not only capture the wedding, but everything from the rehearsal dinner and even a session the next day, that way you can have even more amazing photos to remember the most important time of your life!

3.) Connecting with the couple

As photographers, we love people. From the time we meet for our first consultation, to everything that follows, we enjoy each moment with our couples. Having the opportunity to connect with our couples during something as special as a destination wedding is something that we never take for granted.

At Jessi Marri Photography, we care about you and your wedding. And we want to make sure that your photography experience is one that you won’t ever regret!

Finding the perfect destination wedding photographers to capture your wedding is so important. And we are here to help make your decision an easy one! Read here about the importance of your photographers for your destination wedding!

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My Favorite Things About Being A Destination Wedding Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

A Few Of My Favorite Things About Being A Destination Wedding Photographer

Jessi Marri Photography

After shooting my first wedding in Tampa, Florida I knew that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Wedding photography is my passion and becoming a destination wedding photographer is a dream come true. When given the opportunity to go on a new adventure with an amazing couple to photograph their wedding, it’s safe to say that I’m getting my passport and bags ready to go! It’s a great thing when your passion and career collide. For me, that’s traveling and photography. So, I’m always ecstatic about doing a destination wedding!

“What Are Your Favorite Things About Being A Destination Wedding Photographer?”

My favorite thing about being a destination wedding photographer would have to be making each session a unique one. I make sure that no matter where your wedding may be located, that we take time and do a sunset session.

For instance, once I was hired to go to Thailand, I knew that I had to do a session with an elephant. I mean, it’s Thailand! I couldn’t help myself! We had such an amazing time together while creating such unique images. These are photos that you don’t see from just any wedding! In fact, the elephant session is one of my favorites to date.

“Can We Talk About Our Photography Options?”

While you are searching for your go-to destination wedding photographer, keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind! Overall, I am dedicated to making your wedding photography decision an easy one. I love what I do and I believe that it shows in my work. Let me help you tell the story of your destination wedding day with beautiful imagery. And lastly, stop by my pricing and packaging page to see that hiring a destination wedding photographer is not as expensive as you may think!

Let’s talk today about your destination wedding photographer needs!

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The Importance Of Your Photographer Destination Wedding – Jessi Marri Photography

The Importance Of Your Photographer Destination Wedding

Jessi Marri Photography

When you are planning your wedding, you spend a lot of time looking for the perfect vendors that best fit your wedding, budget, and style. It can be slightly different when you are planning a destination wedding. One important thing to consider when you’re planning a destination wedding is finding your number one choice for a photographer destination wedding!

How Important Destination Wedding Photography Is…

As a wedding photographer in Houston, I know how important it is to capture every single important moment and detail at a wedding. It’s the same thing as a destination wedding photographer. Your friends and family may be flying in from all over, you put a lot of thought into your beautiful wedding, and you want it captured perfectly! Therefore, at Jessi Marri Photography, your wedding is the priority. And above all, I can guarantee that you will receive the top wedding photographer service that you expect at your wedding.

I have been all over the world to photograph weddings. In fact, I’ve captured my couples from the beautiful beaches of Mexico to riding elephants in Thailand. From the gorgeous mountains in Las Vegas to the beauty of Tampa. For this reason, I love destination weddings and everything they have to offer. I will take care of photographing special moments and you can rest easy knowing your day is in very capable hands!

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As a photographer destination wedding, I find true joy in capturing destination weddings. There’s something so special about traveling to unique locations to photograph love in a new country.
Interested in hearing more about my photographer destination wedding packages? Give me a call or send me an email today. I look forward to hearing from you! Don’t forget to browse the site to see some of my favorite images and check out the FAQ page!

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The Perks Of Hiring Destination Wedding Photographers – Jessi Marri Photography

Hiring Destination Wedding Photographers And The Perks Of It

Jessi Marri Photography

Destination wedding photographers have a very special job. They have the amazing opportunity to travel the world and photograph people vowing their lives to one another. How special is that? So, with how special that is, of course working in this industry and doing destination weddings is something I’m so happy to specialize in!

Finding Professional Destination Wedding Photographers

As a professional wedding photographer, there are many things that we help take care of in throughout the wedding planning process with our couples. These things may include helping with the wedding day timeline and taking engagement photos. We also help with many things the day of. We help keep the timeline moving forward and may even step in to help bustle the dress! Finding a professional destination wedding photographer will benefit you in different ways. They will know what to do and which details they need to get. As a result, you won’t have a thing to worry about when you have Jessi Marri Photography as your wedding photographers!

Next Steps To Take…

It’s such a great feeling when you find the perfect photographer for your destination wedding! And did you know that hiring a destination wedding photographer can be reasonably priced? See more information about that here!

Furthermore, with experience, professionalism, and with my team of photographers, your destination wedding photography is in great hands. As your destination wedding photographers, you won’t have stress in regards to your photography. Most of all, not only do we love to alleviate stress from our couples, we also look forward to creating beautiful imagery of your beautiful destination wedding to be displayed in your home for years to come.

We can’t wait to make your search for your destination wedding photographers an easy one! So get in touch with Jessi Marri Photography today to talk about your destination wedding photography needs.

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What To Expect From Your Wedding Destination Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

Wedding Destination Photographer
Jessi Marri Photography

As a wedding photographer in Houston, I’ve photographed weddings all over this great city. But, there’s nothing like being a wedding destination photographer. Not only do I enjoy traveling and and new adventures, but I love experiencing weddings with my amazing couples in unique places. This is not your everyday job, which makes what I do even that much more exciting!

What To Expect From Your Wedding Destination Photographer

With Jessi Marri Photography, communication is key! From our initial consultation to after the wedding, we will be on the same page from beginning to end. You can expect us to talk about how you’ll receive full day coverage, an additional photo session, and, of course, we will also discuss accommodations. You can see in the weddings featured today that I did just that. I made sure to cover their whole day, starting when they got ready, to the additional photo session! (How beautiful is Mount Charleston?)

Destination Weddings & Traditional Weddings

A lot like a traditional wedding, destination weddings are a huge priority for Jessi Marri Photography, as well. All in all, Your destination wedding is in great hands with my team of photographers.

I also make sure to do, what I call, a photo walk, when I am at the resort or I’ve reached my destination. During my photo walk, I get photos of the whole resort, the location, and any details that my be on display. Doing that gives you more images for you to look back on for a lifetime. It’s great because the images I take during that time, you’ll have to look back on and remember exactly what your location or resort looked like.

Get In Touch Today!

I’m so excited about your upcoming destination wedding! While you are planning your destination wedding, you don’t want to forget about finding your perfect wedding destination photographer. Did you know that having a wedding destination photographer at your wedding isn’t as expensive as it seems? See more pricing and package information here!

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your wedding destination photographer needs!

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Top Houston Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

Top Houston Photographer
Jessi Marri Photography

There’s nothing quite like being a top Houston photographer. After shooting my first wedding in Tampa, I knew that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I’ve met and have worked with so many amazing couples and industry vendors. Becoming a top Houston photographer is a dream come true. With hard work, dedication, and a true love for this business, I desire to make your photography dreams come true whether that be family, engagement, or a portrait session.

Portraits In Houston

Houston is such a unique city. There are so many different locations and elements to this great place. For weddings, not only are there are many different locations and venues, there is a venue for every type of wedding and for every couple’s style. There are also many great locations all around us that provide the perfect location for portrait sessions. Places such as Hermann Park, the streets of Downtown Houston, and even areas in the suburbs, hold great elements for the perfect portrait session with a top Houston photographer.

“What Type Of Sessions Do You Offer?”

I know I mentioned previously that I take care of weddings, families, and engagements. But I take care of everything! If you’re on the search for a top Houston photographer for senior portraits, maternity portraits, events, and even proposals, you’ve come to the right place! Stop by my info page today to see packages and pricing!


While you are searching for the perfect top Houston photographer, be sure to keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind. I’ve been happily capturing weddings, portraits, and events in Houston for over 6 years now and I’m proud to be a top Houston photographer. With experience, professionalism, and fun, I’ll capture everything you need!

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your top Houston photographer needs! Give me a call or send me an email today!

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Sarah & Philip – Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer
Sarah and Philip

As a destination wedding photographer in Houston, I am living my dream! I’ve always had a zest for life and traveling is just one of those things that I’ve always had a heart for. You’d be surprised to know that hiring a destination wedding photographer for your wedding isn’t as expensive as it seems! For more information, just click here! There you can also see the other services that I offer as well as the rates!

“Where Have You Gone?”

I LOVE answering this question! I’m thrilled to say that I have traveled the globe to capture weddings. Aside from shooting all over the Houston area, I’ve been to Las Vegas, Tampa, Mexico, and yes, even Thailand!

“Why Do You Love Destination Weddings?”

My love for travel and my passion for photography coming together at a destination wedding truly inspires me. I love everything from the experience to the new memories I not only make, but capture for the couple and their families. There are so many unique places to see. Being able to take photos of the bride and groom in a different location truly captures the essence of their wedding. It will give them photos that tell the story of their wedding that will be shared with their friends and family for a lifetime! Like Sarah and Philip’s wedding, their amazing, black tie Crystal Ballroom wedding was captured with love and a passion to tell the story of their wedding day!

“I’m Sold! What’s Next?”

I’d be happy to set up a consultation so we can further discuss all of your destination wedding photographer needs! You can reach me by sending me an email or giving me a call today! Also, feel free to browse the site and see more of my work!
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I’m also always updating my Facebook page with recent weddings! Be sure to LIKE my page. Hopefully it will help you stay inspired while wedding planning with all of the wedding photos!

The Farmhouse – Montgomery Wedding Photographer

Montgomery Wedding Photographer
The Farmhouse

If you live around the Houston area, you have probably heard of the newest wedding venue in Montgomery called The Farmhouse. You may have even seen it on Facebook. Either way, I promise that it is a must see! As a Montgomery wedding photographer, this new venue is so dreamy. It is a gorgeous location full of light the perfect ceremony and reception location around this part of Texas! This place is truly every wedding vendors dream come true.

As a Houston and Montgomery wedding photographer, I have visited many wedding venues. I always enjoy seeing what else is out there and seeing the new venues that our beautiful city has to offer us.

The True Beauty Of Wedding Photography

One of the beautiful things about wedding photography is that it helps tell the story of your wedding day. There is true beauty in every wedding and how it is captured. And I love capturing every detail at a wedding. My passion for photography truly shows at the wedding I’m at.

Capturing a wedding is where I truly find joy. Telling your wedding story is as important to me as it is to you. I desire to get the details that you will want to display in your home and show your friends and family for years to come.

Shooting at a new venue like The Farmhouse, seeing the beauty of this place and all of the details really fueled me. I absolutely loved being there and I know you will, too.

Is It Your Turn?

Are you engaged? Are you looking for a photographer or a new wedding venue?
Look no further because you have come to the right place!

Be sure to get in touch with me today about your Montgomery wedding photographer needs!
Contact The Farmhouse if you are interested in taking a look at their beautiful venue!

Email me at
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Flowers by: Bramble and Bee 

Houston Engagement Photography – Jessi Marri Photography

Houston Engagement Photography
Jessi Marri Photography

Proposals happen all the time in the Houston area. As the go-to Houston engagement photography company, we absolutely love spending time with our couples and creating great engagement photos!

“I’m Engaged! What’s Next?”

Congratulations! After your proposal takes place, one of the next steps is to find your perfect Houston engagement photography and wedding photography company! While you’re searching for a photographer, keep these questions in mind! I hope that the wedding photographer FAQ’s helps and encourages you to ask the questions that need to be asked during your wedding planning.

Taking your engagement photos can be fun. This gives you the opportunity during wedding planning to come together with your fiancé to let loose and spend time together. This also gives you the chance to get to know your photographer and see how they work.

Having engagement photos is essential to your wedding planning. You’re able to use these photos for your Save the Dates, displays at your wedding, and even in your new home!

“What Is A Houston Engagement Photography Session With You Like?”

I can ensure you that I will tell your story in a unique way. Your session will be anywhere between 90-120 minutes and you are welcome to bring one formal outfit and one casual outfit. Feel free to read more FAQ’s that you may have here.

“What’s Your Availability?”

I’m glad that you asked! Send me an email or give me a call today. I can let you know and we can get something scheduled! Whether that be an in studio consultation, a phone call about your options, or meeting for coffee – we can find the best options that fit your Houston engagement photography and wedding photography needs.

You can reach me at
or by phone at (832) 329-3042

I look forward to hearing from you today!

Battleship Texas Engagement Session


Thank You Isn’t Enough…

Battleship Texas Engagement Session – Jessi Marri Photography

Today’s post about this Battleship Texas engagement session hits very close to home for me. This session was a few weeks in the making and today I am sharing a few of my favorites with you all.  I have a huge heart for our military and I honestly can’t thank them enough for everything that they do.  They sacrifice so much to go out there to serve and protect our great country. And we want to honor that. Today and forever.

The Romance…

This amazing couple has been together for a long time. During their time together, there have been years that they have not been able to see one another. While he was stationed in Japan, he sent her a beautiful bouquet of roses and not long after she got them, he called her on FaceTime, asked if she got her flowers and popped the question. The ring was hidden inside the roses! Talk about romantic!

The Fight…

Active military couples like this one face struggles that many others out there don’t have to. For most of us, we get to go home to our loved ones every night. For our military, that’s not always the case. From time to time, they have to leave for months or years to fight for our freedom. This couple here went a few years between seeing one another, yet were so determined to stay together that they did everything in their power to make that work.

The Recognition…

We recognize how hard it is to do what our active military and veterans have done for us. It’s recognized that so much sacrifice has happened in their lives so they can fight. And we recognize that we are free, because of the brave. Today, I just want to give a special thank you to our armed forces members – current and past. So, from us to you, thank you.


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Cheering You On | Houston Creatives

You’re not alone. We’re cheering you on.

As creative entrepreneurs, you have probably had times of discouragement, times of doubt, or times where you might have felt alone. As Houston creatives, you may love working from home, editing photos and answering emails with a nice cup of coffee while wearing your comfiest shirt. While all of that is great, I know I am not alone when I say that sometimes being your own boss may feel a little lonely or discouraging.

I’m here to tell you today that you are not alone. Let’s read that again – you are not alone.

Being Houston creatives, we live in a huge city – the fourth largest city in the country to be exact, so that means have an amazing outlet in our great city to network, work alongside, and lift one another up.

Maybe you’re one of the Houston creatives I’m talking about. Maybe this found you at the right time today. If that’s so, I want to share with you a couple ways how we can all stick together and lift one another up.

  1. Help Each Other
    Does someone need assistance during a photo shoot? Is someone trying to put an event together and need some extra hands? Be there for one another and assist on that shoot. Be there for one another and help put center pieces together or pick up some dirty dishes. A little bit can truly go a long way. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed.
  2. Share What You Know
    This is one of my favorites. Knowledge is a key part in the creative industry. Sharing what you know with someone else can greatly help them on their endeavors. Knowing that they have someone to turn to with questions or if they are in need of advice is something valuable.
  3. Hang Out!
    It’s okay to get out of the house or the office with some fellow Houston creatives. We all need a little time off to refuel and refocus, so getting some friend time in is crucial! I know I always feel so much better once I have some time with some loved ones!

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and hang out soon! 

Keep up with Jessi Marri Photography on Facebook and Instagram! I am always on a new photography adventure over here. Follow and let me share with you what I’m up to!

Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

Being a destination wedding photographer in Houston, I have the opportunities to go to a lot of places. This time, it is Tulum, Mexico. The wedding of Christine and Nick’s was one that was beautiful like so many girls’ dreams. Luckily, I had the chance to witness and document their wedding as a photographer. I arrived at Dreams Resort in a stormy night but fortunately, the next morning was very gorgeous. The beach and the sky could not get anymore blue – what a destination wedding photographer’s dream!

The whole wedding was beautiful! I couldn’t stop admiring how pretty the light, the cake and the candles were. Christine did a fantastic job in planning and decorating the wedding. Even though the wedding ceremony was moved from the beach to the indoor hall, it was nothing but perfect. Looking back at the photos, a destination wedding photographer like me couldn’t be more emotional. I saw smiles, laughters, and even tears here and there. But honestly, I think the air and the breeze at Tulum made everyone looked so happy and excited overall. And the dance floor was packed most of the time and wine was continuously served. After all, Christine and Nick were the happiest couple of the night. And I could do nothing but click my camera as fast as I could and wish them the very best for their future together.

I was so lucky to be Christine and Nick’s wedding photographer. It was a wedding to remember! I cannot wait to see the next place being a destination wedding photographer takes me to!