Weddings In Houston With Jessi Marri Photography

Amazing Weddings In Houston With Jessi Marri Photography!

At Jessi Marri Photography, it’s always such an honor to capture weddings in Houston! There are still days where I have those “pinch me, I’m dreaming!” moments. And I’m sure that I’m not one of the only wedding photographers in Houston that feel the same way! With that being said, today I’m going to share a few reasons why I love photographing weddings in Houston.

1.) It’s a day unlike any other

As I’ve said in previous blogs, each wedding is different from the last. And as a wedding photographer, that keeps me on my toes! It’s so great to see the different people, details, and experience unique moments at each wedding.

Being the trusted photographer on such an important day for my couples is such an honor. It’s something that I will never take for granted!

2.) All of the beautiful details

With each wedding being different, this means that each couple has chosen different details to display at their wedding. Wedding photographers in Houston love details! These are important things to capture for us to help best tell your wedding day story! We know that so much planning and preparation went into this magical day, so we want to help preserve it all for you.

3.) Moments stopped in time

“Photography is about a single point of a moment. It’s like stopping time. As everything gets condensed in that forced instant. But if you keep creating these points, they form a line which reflects your life.” – Nobuyoshi Araki

When you take a photo, that moment is forever. That’s why it’s so important to have a wedding photographer capture your big day. You are able to go back, years down the road, and relive the moment you shared your first kiss, hugged your dad, or danced with your niece when she was young. It’s the things that matter in life that I capture, and a reason why I love what I do. Helping my couples dreams come true is a feeling I can’t describe!

There are more reasons why you should invest in Houston wedding photography, but just remember how important it is and will be on your wedding day!

Stick around and browse the website and see more from the weddings in Houston I’ve photographed. Visit the contact page to get in touch with me to talk about all of your wedding photography needs! You’re also welcome to get in touch directly:

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Your Go-To For Bell Tower Wedding Photography

Beautiful Bell Tower Wedding Photography With Jessi Marri Photography

When planning a wedding that’s taking place at the beautiful Bell Tower On 34th, wedding photography in Houston is one of the of the most important vendors to invest in. When searching for your Bell Tower wedding photography team, it’s important to keep the following questions in mind…

1.) “Is their style what I’m looking for?”

There are so many different styles of photography. And with wedding photography in Houston, you’re bound to see so much variety. It’s so important that you find something that catches your eye. Something that you can envision displaying in your home for a lifetime. With Jessi Marri Photography as your wedding photographer, I guarantee brilliant, beautiful, and amazing quality in every image I create!

I was so happy to work with Chelsea and create these timeless bridal portraits featured here today. They were taken at her beautiful wedding venue, The Bell Tower On 34th. It makes me, as her photographer, so happy to have had the opportunity to get to know her better and work with her before the wedding.

2.) “Am I going to get along with them?”

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for your go-to Bell Tower wedding photography company. Your wedding photographer is someone that you’re going to spend a lot of time with. With everything from your engagement session, bridal session, and your wedding day – definitely connect with the photographers that you’re interested in and see how you interact with one another.

*Pro tip: This is another reason why we push the importance of doing an engagement session! You get the opportunity to work with your photographer before your wedding and shake off those camera jitters if you’re not in front of the camera a lot!

3.) “Have they done a wedding at my venue before?”

A lot of times, as long as you like your photographer and trust them, they’re going to do a great job no matter where your wedding is. But this is always a great question to ask! If they have photographed a wedding at your venue before, that’s wonderful! They may already have a list of spots that they like to use and you can see their photos from that location. If not, that’s still okay! You’ve seen their work and know that they are going to do a great job. And this gives your photographer the opportunity to experience a wedding at a new location. Also, you can always give your photographer the option to stop by your venue and check it out before hand and scope out the best spots!

When searching for your Bell Tower wedding photographer, keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind!

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your wedding photography needs!

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Your Wedding Portraits With Your Wedding Photographers Houston

The Important Things To Consider When Planning For Your Wedding Portraits With Your Wedding Photographers Houston

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning your wedding. With the many weddings I have photographed, I’ve worked with many different and unique timelines. And if there’s one important piece of advice I can give to every couple planning their wedding, it’s this – listen to your wedding photographers Houston about the timing they will need for your wedding portraits.

Today, I want to inform and encourage you about why this is so important.

Each couple is special. We don’t want to miss a thing.

As wedding photographers, we try not to ask for too much. We really just want to make your wedding day run as smoothly as it possibly can while capturing each moment in a creative way. We are storytellers. It is our passion to live that out and not miss a thing during your wedding day. With the connection we make with each couple we work with, the importance of each wedding we photograph, and the uniqueness that each couple holds, we desire to capture just that – your love, your story, your special day, and those special moments of just the two of you, before or after the ceremony. As you can see in Crystal and Richard’s wedding portraits featured here today, we had time on our side to get such an amazing variety of photos for them to cherish and display in their home!

Whether you’re doing a first look or not, time for your portraits IS possible.

Trust your wedding photographer.

Your wedding photographers Houston are one of the most important investments you’ll be making for your wedding… These are people that you want to trust to perfectly photograph your day. When you’re meeting for a consultation, which I highly recommend doing, and going over any timeline details, that’s when we go over the amount of time needed to do portraits of just the two of you – whether you’re doing a first look or not.

These are the wedding portraits that you will be displaying throughout your home for the years to come. It’s very important to have a nice variety of images to choose from.

You don’t want to rush on your wedding day!

No one wants to rush, or feel rushed, on their most special day! That’s why it’s so important to plan for the perfect amount of time to photograph those special images of just you two. When looking at your timeline and going over it with your wedding photographers Houston, the allotted time may seem like a lot, or maybe not enough, but like stated previously, trust your wedding photographer. They know what they are doing and it’s important to them to help make this day more amazing than it already is!

Rushing around on such an important day isn’t any good for anyone involved. Your photographer wants to stick to your timeline as much as possible! Having this planned out in advance is important for everyone – bride and groom, planners, DJ’s, and everyone who is excited to greet you and show their support!

Are you getting married at The Crystal Ballroom? Or looking for the best wedding photographers Houston to fit your needs? Keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind!

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A Day In The Life Of A Houston Wedding Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography – Best Houston Wedding Photographer

A Day In The Life Of A Houston Wedding Photographer

Jessi Marri Photography – Best Houston Wedding Photographer

Being the best Houston wedding photographer, there are a lot of things that go in to preparing for a wedding. Today, not only am I sharing beautiful images from Jennifer and Adrian’s wedding that took place at The Dunlavy, but I’m sharing a little about the day in the life of a Houston wedding photographer.

1.) We double and triple check our gear.

As a wedding photographer, I bring a lot of camera equipment with me. With that, I’m sure I can speak for every photographer that we double check and triple check our bags to make sure we have absolutely everything we need for your special day! A day or so before, we are checking cards, charging batteries, cleaning lenses, etc. Doing everything we can to make sure our gear is ready to go! We want to ensure that in transitional parts of the day, everything on our end is going to run smoothly.

2.) Details and getting ready.

Each wedding, details, and the moments they hold, all vary from one another. No wedding day is exactly the same. That’s what makes our job so great! Although, yes, we know what shots we need to get, images will vary from wedding to wedding. One of our favorite things besides taking photos of the couples by themselves is the beginning of the day when everyone is getting ready and when we can get the details, such as your venue before everyone gets there, up close photos of the dresses, and center pieces!

3.) Our excitement is real!

Yes, it’s true! I love my job as the best Houston wedding photographer! After working with our couples for a good amount of time before the wedding, when the day comes around, we are thrilled to see, work with, and create beautiful images for our couples!

We want to make sure that you are taken care of on your wedding day! Keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind for all of your Houston wedding photography needs!

Feel free to browse the site and even visit the FAQ page to see if we answer any questions you may have!

You can also reach Jessi at (832) 329-3042 or Jessi@JessiMarriPhotography.com

Why I Love Spring Engagement Pictures Houston – Jessi Marri Photography

Why I Love Spring Engagement Pictures

Engagement Pictures Houston
Jessi Marri Photography

In our beautiful world and all of the seasons that it offers us year round, there’s something so special about Springtime. The flowers are blooming, the sun seems to be shining a little bit brighter and a little bit longer. And the colors all around are inspiring to photographer like me. Today is the perfect day to share with everyone why I love Spring engagement pictures Houston.

The Newness Springtime Offers

We’ve just left Winter. While although Winter has beauty of it’s own, so does Spring. With the sun shining a little longer during the day and with the trees and flowers blooming, it opens us up to something we didn’t know we were missing during the Wintertime. I recommend taking full advantage of taking your engagement pictures Houston in the Spring. The weather is warm enough to wear your favorite sundress. (You know the one!) And you can even incorporate your favorite wedges or sandals. Your fiancé can still wear a suit or that sweater you love on him so much, and he won’t be sweating up a storm. It’s the perfect happy-medium.

Perfect Evening Pictures

I know that it can be difficult to schedule your engagement pictures Houston around your work schedule. The good thing about Springtime is that since the sun is hanging out with us a little bit longer in the evening, it gives you the perfect opportunity to meet with your photographer after work and get those beautiful golden hour images! (You know, the dreamy ones all over your Pinterest boards!) Also, talk about the perfect way to wind down after a work day… You get to get all dolled up and spend time kissing your fiancé. How fun is that?

Flexibility With Locations 

Do you have a location that you’re just dreaming to use for your engagement pictures? Maybe it’s by the water or with some blue bonnets? Well, with Springtime arriving at our doorstop, we now have the availability to use locations such as those. Blue bonnets aren’t always around and it may be freezing by the water. Now, that’s something you can do!

Meeting With Jessi

Are you interested in Jessi Marri Photography for your Springtime engagement pictures Houston? Get in touch today and let’s schedule a consultation at my studio! I look forward to hearing about your upcoming wedding! Stop by my pricing page to see what my packages look like and everything I offer. From destination wedding photography and beyond, you can trust Jessi Marri Photography!

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3 Reasons You Need An Engagement Photographer Houston – Jessi Marri Photography

3 Reasons You Need An Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photographer Houston
Jessi Marri Photography

As a Houston photographer that specializes in weddings, I know the importance of hiring a photographer to also take your engagement photos. No matter where you are when you propose or want to take your engagement photos, finding the perfect engagement photographer Houston to capture these memories is an definitely something that you want to invest in.

For this reason, I’m going to share with you 3 reasons why you need an engagement photographer during this time.

1.) Put Your Styles On Display

It’s not every day that you get all dolled up and go do a photo shoot. So, why not take full advantage of it? Your engagement session gives you the opportunity to show off your style as a couple. Since most photographers give you the option of multiple outfits, this gives you the chance to wear some of your favorite outfits. You can see that in the engagement session featured today. They coordinated their outfits very well. Plus, it’s always fun get dressed up and spend time with your fiancé! Like I said, take full advantage of it!

2.) Get To Know Your Engagement Photographer Houston

Since your engagement photographer will probably be the same photographer as your wedding photographer, or at least that’s what most photographers will recommend, this gives all of you the opportunity to get comfortable with one another. This allows you, the couple, to see how the photographer will work with you on your wedding day. It also gives us as the photographers to get to know you as a couple. We will learn what makes you laugh and, if you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, get the chance to shake those camera jitters off before your wedding!

3.) Photos To Display At Your Wedding!

This is probably one of our favorite things as photographers… Seeing our work on display! We work incredibly hard for our couples and want to deliverer nothing short of incredible imagery. You get the chance to print your photos from your engagement photographer Houston and have them on display in places at your wedding! Such as your cake table, your gift table, or maybe smaller prints on the tables for your guests to see. And after the wedding, you can hang them up in your home! How great is that?

The Passion Of Jessi Marri Photography

While you search for your Houston engagement photographer for your Houston wedding or destination wedding, be sure to keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind! With years of experience and a love for weddings, I can ensure that your photography needs are in the best hands.

Feel free to browse the site some more and visit the contact page if you would like some more information about what I can do for you!

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Top Houston Photographer – Jessi Marri Photography

Top Houston Photographer
Jessi Marri Photography

There’s nothing quite like being a top Houston photographer. After shooting my first wedding in Tampa, I knew that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I’ve met and have worked with so many amazing couples and industry vendors. Becoming a top Houston photographer is a dream come true. With hard work, dedication, and a true love for this business, I desire to make your photography dreams come true whether that be family, engagement, or a portrait session.

Portraits In Houston

Houston is such a unique city. There are so many different locations and elements to this great place. For weddings, not only are there are many different locations and venues, there is a venue for every type of wedding and for every couple’s style. There are also many great locations all around us that provide the perfect location for portrait sessions. Places such as Hermann Park, the streets of Downtown Houston, and even areas in the suburbs, hold great elements for the perfect portrait session with a top Houston photographer.

“What Type Of Sessions Do You Offer?”

I know I mentioned previously that I take care of weddings, families, and engagements. But I take care of everything! If you’re on the search for a top Houston photographer for senior portraits, maternity portraits, events, and even proposals, you’ve come to the right place! Stop by my info page today to see packages and pricing!


While you are searching for the perfect top Houston photographer, be sure to keep Jessi Marri Photography in mind. I’ve been happily capturing weddings, portraits, and events in Houston for over 6 years now and I’m proud to be a top Houston photographer. With experience, professionalism, and fun, I’ll capture everything you need!

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your top Houston photographer needs! Give me a call or send me an email today!

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Jessie & Maurice – Engagement Photographer Houston

Engagement Photographer Houston
Jessie and Maurice

Exploring Downtown Houston with Jessie and Maurice during their engagement photography session was such a wonderful experience. With Houston being my home and capturing engagements all over the city, there are so many unique elements to Downtown. Using Downtown Houston as a backdrop during an engagement photography session, each image will tell a different story. As an engagement photographer Houston, I am passionate about telling your love story and creating beautiful imagery for you to look back on for a lifetime.

From Your Engagement To Your Wedding…

At Jessi Marri Photography, I will be there with you each step of the way! From a consultation, scheduling photo sessions, to being there for your wedding, and beyond! I’ll help, guide, and inform you each time we are together with any questions you may have or even which poses are best. Taking care of my clients is top priority for me and something I would love for you to experience for yourself.

I love what I do. I believe it shows in each image I create. As your engagement photographer Houston, you’ll experience true professionalism and my passion for engagement photography. I believe that everyone deserves amazing photos of their milestone moments. You won’t want to miss out on what Jessi Marri Photography can offer you!

Did You Know?

Now you know my passion for engagement photography, but did you know that a lot of my wedding packages include an engagement photography session? Be sure to ask about it when you give me a call!


While searching for your perfect engagement photographer Houston, consider Jessi Marri Photography! I love engagement photography and desire to turn your photo dreams into reality! Send me an email or give me a call today. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Houston Engagement Photography – Jessi Marri Photography

Houston Engagement Photography
Jessi Marri Photography

Today, I want to tell you why engagement photography is important. Being an engagement photographer in Houston one of my favorite parts about my job. Creating images of couples in love, starting a new life together, is something that I am always happy about! When I get the opportunity to meet and work with a newly engaged couple, I begin to think of all the creative ways I can photograph their love. I desire to photograph them in ways that they will display at their wedding and share with their loved ones for years to come.

Why Engagement Photography Is Essential

As one of the best engagement photographers in Houston, I believe that an engagement session is an essential part of your wedding planning. Leading up to your wedding, it’s important that you feel comfortable in front of the camera. And that’s why taking engagement photos before your wedding is a great idea. Everyone wants to be comfortable on their wedding day – so start with engagement photography!

Time Together Is Important

An engagement photo session gives you and your fiancé an excuse to get all dolled-up and spend time together! Sometimes having a break in the midst of wedding planning can be nice. Especially when it’s all about you two! During our time together, you will have my uninterrupted attention as we get amazing images of the two of you, and maybe even get you more comfortable in front of the camera. This also gives you a chance to work one-on-one with your photographer before the wedding. How great is that?

Did you recently get engaged? Are you searching for the perfect photographer for this special time? You’ve come to the right place!
Give me a call or send me an email today! I would love to talk with you about your engagement photography needs!

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Sarah & Philip – Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer
Sarah and Philip

As a destination wedding photographer in Houston, I am living my dream! I’ve always had a zest for life and traveling is just one of those things that I’ve always had a heart for. You’d be surprised to know that hiring a destination wedding photographer for your wedding isn’t as expensive as it seems! For more information, just click here! There you can also see the other services that I offer as well as the rates!

“Where Have You Gone?”

I LOVE answering this question! I’m thrilled to say that I have traveled the globe to capture weddings. Aside from shooting all over the Houston area, I’ve been to Las Vegas, Tampa, Mexico, and yes, even Thailand!

“Why Do You Love Destination Weddings?”

My love for travel and my passion for photography coming together at a destination wedding truly inspires me. I love everything from the experience to the new memories I not only make, but capture for the couple and their families. There are so many unique places to see. Being able to take photos of the bride and groom in a different location truly captures the essence of their wedding. It will give them photos that tell the story of their wedding that will be shared with their friends and family for a lifetime! Like Sarah and Philip’s wedding, their amazing, black tie Crystal Ballroom wedding was captured with love and a passion to tell the story of their wedding day!

“I’m Sold! What’s Next?”

I’d be happy to set up a consultation so we can further discuss all of your destination wedding photographer needs! You can reach me by sending me an email or giving me a call today! Also, feel free to browse the site and see more of my work!

(832) 329-3042

I’m also always updating my Facebook page with recent weddings! Be sure to LIKE my page. Hopefully it will help you stay inspired while wedding planning with all of the wedding photos!

The Farmhouse – Montgomery Wedding Photographer

Montgomery Wedding Photographer
The Farmhouse

If you live around the Houston area, you have probably heard of the newest wedding venue in Montgomery called The Farmhouse. You may have even seen it on Facebook. Either way, I promise that it is a must see! As a Montgomery wedding photographer, this new venue is so dreamy. It is a gorgeous location full of light the perfect ceremony and reception location around this part of Texas! This place is truly every wedding vendors dream come true.

As a Houston and Montgomery wedding photographer, I have visited many wedding venues. I always enjoy seeing what else is out there and seeing the new venues that our beautiful city has to offer us.

The True Beauty Of Wedding Photography

One of the beautiful things about wedding photography is that it helps tell the story of your wedding day. There is true beauty in every wedding and how it is captured. And I love capturing every detail at a wedding. My passion for photography truly shows at the wedding I’m at.

Capturing a wedding is where I truly find joy. Telling your wedding story is as important to me as it is to you. I desire to get the details that you will want to display in your home and show your friends and family for years to come.

Shooting at a new venue like The Farmhouse, seeing the beauty of this place and all of the details really fueled me. I absolutely loved being there and I know you will, too.

Is It Your Turn?

Are you engaged? Are you looking for a photographer or a new wedding venue?
Look no further because you have come to the right place!

Be sure to get in touch with me today about your Montgomery wedding photographer needs!
Contact The Farmhouse if you are interested in taking a look at their beautiful venue!

Email me at Jessi@JessiMarriPhotography.com
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Flowers by: Bramble and Bee 

Houston Engagement Photography – Jessi Marri Photography

Houston Engagement Photography
Jessi Marri Photography

Proposals happen all the time in the Houston area. As the go-to Houston engagement photography company, we absolutely love spending time with our couples and creating great engagement photos!

“I’m Engaged! What’s Next?”

Congratulations! After your proposal takes place, one of the next steps is to find your perfect Houston engagement photography and wedding photography company! While you’re searching for a photographer, keep these questions in mind! I hope that the wedding photographer FAQ’s helps and encourages you to ask the questions that need to be asked during your wedding planning.

Taking your engagement photos can be fun. This gives you the opportunity during wedding planning to come together with your fiancé to let loose and spend time together. This also gives you the chance to get to know your photographer and see how they work.

Having engagement photos is essential to your wedding planning. You’re able to use these photos for your Save the Dates, displays at your wedding, and even in your new home!

“What Is A Houston Engagement Photography Session With You Like?”

I can ensure you that I will tell your story in a unique way. Your session will be anywhere between 90-120 minutes and you are welcome to bring one formal outfit and one casual outfit. Feel free to read more FAQ’s that you may have here.

“What’s Your Availability?”

I’m glad that you asked! Send me an email or give me a call today. I can let you know and we can get something scheduled! Whether that be an in studio consultation, a phone call about your options, or meeting for coffee – we can find the best options that fit your Houston engagement photography and wedding photography needs.

You can reach me at Jessi@JessiMarriPhotography.com
or by phone at (832) 329-3042

I look forward to hearing from you today!