The Farmhouse – Montgomery Wedding Photographer

Montgomery Wedding Photographer
The Farmhouse

If you live around the Houston area, you have probably heard of the newest wedding venue in Montgomery called The Farmhouse. You may have even seen it on Facebook. Either way, I promise that it is a must see! As a Montgomery wedding photographer, this new venue is so dreamy. It is a gorgeous location full of light the perfect ceremony and reception location around this part of Texas! This place is truly every wedding vendors dream come true.

As a Houston and Montgomery wedding photographer, I have visited many wedding venues. I always enjoy seeing what else is out there and seeing the new venues that our beautiful city has to offer us.

The True Beauty Of Wedding Photography

One of the beautiful things about wedding photography is that it helps tell the story of your wedding day. There is true beauty in every wedding and how it is captured. And I love capturing every detail at a wedding. My passion for photography truly shows at the wedding I’m at.

Capturing a wedding is where I truly find joy. Telling your wedding story is as important to me as it is to you. I desire to get the details that you will want to display in your home and show your friends and family for years to come.

Shooting at a new venue like The Farmhouse, seeing the beauty of this place and all of the details really fueled me. I absolutely loved being there and I know you will, too.

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Laura & Hunter – Best Houston Wedding Photography

Best Houston Wedding Photography
Laura and Hunter

At the Crystal Ballroom in Downtown Houston, each wedding that takes place there is nothing short of amazing. While working with their team over the years, I’ve captured some gorgeous weddings as the best Houston wedding photography company. And what’s been even more amazing than the weddings has been the couples that I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

I’m so excited to be able to include Laura and Hunter on that list of amazing couples that I’ve worked with from the Crystal Ballroom. Every detail came together as beautiful as you can imagine. I know that Laura and Hunter had nothing short of an amazing wedding day at this beautiful venue!

The Crystal Ballroom

From age to detail, the Crystal Ballroom has everything you could imagine for your wedding day. The timeless look and historic architecture it holds leaves everyone in awe. The team cares for each couple so well and you can tell just by how hard they work for each wedding. Every room here holds such unique details and you can’t help but want to get married here as well!

Best Houston Wedding Photography Information

Working as a Houston wedding photographer for many years now, I’ve had the great opportunity to photograph weddings all over Houston. It’s been such an amazing experience and makes me love my job more and more over the years. This city holds great history and has many great areas to have weddings or take photos. As a photographer, what more could I ask for? With the experience and love that I have for weddings, I can guarantee that your experience with me will be just what you’re looking for!


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Brent & Shelly – Best Wedding Photographer Houston

Best Wedding Photographer Houston
Brent and Shelly

As a Houston wedding photographer, I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph many beautiful weddings. Some of them have been large weddings and some of them have been smaller, more intimate weddings. Either route that you decide to take, your best wedding photographer Houston will be there to meet your wedding photography needs!

Brent and Shelly decided to go on the route of a smaller wedding. It was just the two of them and their daughter. It was so special and intimate. I am so glad that I got to be there to capture their special day as their best wedding photographer Houston!

The Details…

Whether you’re planning a large wedding or a small wedding, details are very important! And they are some of my favorite things to capture at any wedding. At Brent and Shelly’s wedding, there were such pretty details incorporated into their day. From Shelly’s dress, to her bouquet, and the location of their ceremony, everything about their day was picture perfect! Putting thought and time into the details of your wedding is definitely something that you will not regret doing!

The Moments…

Besides details, as a wedding photographer, another favorite for me to photograph are the moments shared between everyone. At Brent and Shelly’s wedding, it was so special to be able to have time with them as a family and take great images of all of them together, celebrating this amazing occasion! It’s always important to have each detail and special moment, planned or unplanned, captured perfectly at your wedding!

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer Houston to capture your details and special moments, you’ve come to the right place!

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Ray & Olivia – Best Houston Proposal Photographers

Best Houston Proposal Photographers
Ray and Olivia

When Ray reached out to us and told us about his proposal to Olivia on New Years Day, we were on board! As the best Houston proposal photographers, we find true joy in capturing the raw and real moments that happen during a proposal. That’s exactly what we got to do for this wonderful couple. In a house filled to the with brim happiness and with loved ones from all over the country, Ray was ready. He began to play their song while Olivia was pulled into another room. Once she heard his voice, it’s as if nothing else mattered and she came right back into the living room! (She had no idea he was in town! She lives in Houston and he lives in Las Vegas!)

This “New Years Party” was actually a set up for Ray to ask Olivia for her hand in marriage!

Meant To Be

When two people are meant to be together, you can just tell. And that is exactly how we feel about these two! When you’re with them, you can’t help but be happy! That is one of the many reasons we enjoy being part of a couples proposal. We love capturing and helping to create those moments that when you look back at the photos of that day, you have that “Meant To Be” feeling all over again!

Are You Proposing Soon?

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Elissa & Miguel – Downtown Houston Wedding Photography

Downtown Houston Wedding Photography
Elissa and Miguel

Working with a couple so in love like Elissa and Miguel are was a dream for us. Everything for their wedding day wonderfully came together as they got ready to say their “I do’s” on their beautiful day in Downtown Houston. Their first look was emotional and sweet and you couldn’t help but be so excited for them in that moment. Everything for their Crystal Ballroom reception was beautiful and vibrant and when you entered the room, you just couldn’t wait for all of the celebrations to begin!
As their Downtown Houston wedding photography team, we worked hard at putting everything together and capturing their day perfectly! And we had a great time doing so!

The Experience

As Downtown Houston wedding photography professionals, we take great pride in the work we produce and the passion that resonates deep in our hearts. Our team truly loves what they do. It can be seen in every photograph, every video, and even during your photo booth experience! We desire to go above and beyond for every couple and look forward to giving every client outstanding service. What also helps is that we all have a great time at every shoot we do!

Capturing True Love

Spending the day with our couples, especially a couple as amazing as Elissa and Miguel, really fuels us. It’s an amazing feeling when your work helps fuel your creativity and your life. We love capturing LOVE! Each memory, each laugh, and each kiss, is something that every couple deserves to have in photos from their wedding day. We are honored and we are grateful that this is our job.

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George Ranch – Houston Texas Engagement Photography

George Ranch
Houston Texas Engagement Photography

Specializing in Houston Texas engagement photography and kicking off 2017 with amazing couples is a great start to this new year! The session featured today that happened at George Ranch just screamed everything Texas! This session was full of sweet surprises… From the big open skies, train tracks, fences that look like they came out of a movie, the new Longhorn friend we made, and the Ford F-350… It’s safe to say that this couple loves Texas just as much as I do!

The Importance

As Houston Texas engagement photography professionals, we can’t help but emphasize on the importance of engagement photography. This gives all of you the opportunity to work together before the wedding day to see how it feels and get rid of any jitters you may have about being in front of the camera. It’s important to also connect and feel comfortable with the photographer that you have chosen. And, not to mention, you will have some great photos to use for your Save the Dates, invitations, and you can also have them displayed at your wedding!

The Memories

You make so many fun and romantic memories during your engagement session! Those moments that happen are always so great to look back on over the years when you’re reminiscing and looking at your photos again and again. For instance, during the session that we have featured today, we took pictures with a Longhorn! (Which is something you can see today in the photos above!) It was such an amazing experience for all of us and something I will always remember!


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Houston Engagement Photographer

Houston Engagement Photographer

Jessi Marri is your designated Houston engagement photographer! A lot of people mistaken us to only focus on weddings, but we love Love! We specialize in engagements as well, where couples get the chance to work alongside our staff. Our team will be there to assist you from the very beginning. We were so happy to hear that we would be able to shoot Brent and Shelly’s engagement in this beautiful yacht. It was such a beautiful day with the sun-setting, but the proposal was even more stunning. The proposal pictures ended up being absolutely breathtaking. We were so ecstatic to be there, and we are always ready to hop on a yacht for your engagement!

One time, one shot!

Here at Jessi Marri, we are there for you! When it comes to your engagement, we know that there is only one time, one shot. We are right there alongside you to make sure your engagement goes smoothly as possible. When our clients decide to book an engagement session, we always make sure to have a plan. We scout out the best spots to be before-hand and all of the little logistics so that you don’t have to worry. We will be there the entire time to make sure the entire session goes smoothly as possible. Not only do we strive to make the engagement session as intimate to our clients as possible, but we are proud to say we offer services that makes us the best! We always give our devoted attention and our love for the job shows!

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Houston Wedding Videography




Houston Wedding Videography – Jessi Marri Photography

As the peak of Autumn came around the corner, Elissa and Miguel announced their love to the world. We could not be anymore ecstatic that they chose Jessi Marri Photography to be their Houston wedding videography specialists. One of our favorite moments was at the bottom of a staircase at the beautiful Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Elissa looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown as she stepped into the arms of Miguel as they shared their first look. The ceremony proved to be even more bright and special when the couple announced their “I do’s” in front of all their friends and family. The Crystal Ballroom continued the fun where the beautiful couple shared a lot of hugs, kisses, and dance moves. The day was absolutely one to remember, and here at Jessi Marri Photography, we did too!

Let us work for you!

As Houston wedding videography professionals, we were so eager to get to work with this amazing couple. Our attention to detail is so crucial to our job. Every wedding is unique like Elissa and Miguel’s. Theirs featured everything from the exquiste cake, to the live band, to the cigar bar. Not only do we offer photography, but we also offer videography where couples can fully embrace their day. We love our job and it is our goal to make this day a memory any couple can replay over again.

Contact us!

Getting to witness this couple enjoy their wedding day could not make us any happier. You could see the love surrounding the couple throughout the entire time we shot and that makes us feel amazing. For these reasons, if you would like for Jessi Marri Photography to be your Houston wedding videography team, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

Being a destination wedding photographer in Houston, I have the opportunities to go to a lot of places. This time, it is Tulum, Mexico. The wedding of Christine and Nick’s was one that was beautiful like so many girls’ dreams. Luckily, I had the chance to witness and document their wedding as a photographer. I arrived at Dreams Resort in a stormy night but fortunately, the next morning was very gorgeous. The beach and the sky could not get anymore blue – what a destination wedding photographer’s dream!

The whole wedding was beautiful! I couldn’t stop admiring how pretty the light, the cake and the candles were. Christine did a fantastic job in planning and decorating the wedding. Even though the wedding ceremony was moved from the beach to the indoor hall, it was nothing but perfect. Looking back at the photos, a destination wedding photographer like me couldn’t be more emotional. I saw smiles, laughters, and even tears here and there. But honestly, I think the air and the breeze at Tulum made everyone looked so happy and excited overall. And the dance floor was packed most of the time and wine was continuously served. After all, Christine and Nick were the happiest couple of the night. And I could do nothing but click my camera as fast as I could and wish them the very best for their future together.

I was so lucky to be Christine and Nick’s wedding photographer. It was a wedding to remember! I cannot wait to see the next place being a destination wedding photographer takes me to!


Megan and Evan – Ashelynn Manor Wedding

Megan and Evan’s Beautiful Ashelynn Manor Wedding – Jessi Marri Photography


I absolutely loved being the photographer chosen to capture Megan and Evan’s wedding day!
Their Ashelynn Manor wedding in Magnolia, Texas was a rustic fairytale. Everything from the decor they picked and the music that bumped through the speakers fit the scene just right. The events that took place from getting ready, walking down the aisle, and dancing at the reception came together perfectly. The country and rustic style of Ashelynn Manor fit the couples needs and provided everything that they were envisioning for their big day!

I instantly clicked with Megan and Evan when we met and it was great knowing that they trusted me right away. Each session that I did with them leading up to their Ashelynn Manor wedding went perfectly! (And I promise that I’m not just saying that.) Not only did I click with them right away, but I connected with their family and bridal party, too! It’s such a great feeling when you make an instant connection with the bride, groom, family, and bridal party. They bring you in like you all have known each other forever!

The weather in Texas can always surprise you, but on their big day, it was amazing. There was so much beautiful light and it wasn’t too hot or too cold. It really helped me create the great images necessary for this amazing couple.

Megan and Evan,
It was so great working with you two and getting to know you and your family. Thank you for trusting me with each session that we worked on together. I can’t wait to work with both of you in the future! Wishing you two all the best!

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The Prado’s Wedding – “I Was Floating on Air the Whole Night”

We love hearing from our brides directly when it comes to their wedding day! Enjoy reading this Houston brides story!

“My wedding day was everything I could have imagined it to be. I had the best group around me that day from my bridesmaids to my family. My bridesmaids made sure I was stress-free and took care of any issues that came up. My family took care of decorating the reception hall so I could focus only on me. After getting ready I stayed really calm until I was standing outside the chapel. Butterflies were in my stomach as I waited to see the man of my dreams. When the doors opened, everyone else faded away and it was just him and me. Our ceremony was perfect and went off without an issue. Our pastors made everything run smooth and made it very personal like it was just us there. The reception hall turned out better than I could imagine. Every detail was exactly how I thought it to be. I was floating on air the whole night. I only wished it could have lasted longer. It was one of the best days of my life and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Jessi Marri Photography is a Houston Wedding Photography company based in Houston, TX. Jessi travels all over the globe to capture special moments for couples on their big day!


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First of all, we at Jessi Marri Photography want to thank you all for an eventful 2015! All of you and the city of Houston have all been so great to us! As we go into 2016, we want to show my clients how much we appreciate their business, and would like to build a long lasting relationship through our photography.

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After sitting down and planning out this package, we realized that this would be a great option to offer the client who sees the value of capturing memories!

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